First Prequel Report

Wednesday night went really well. It snuck up on me so fast after a hectic week with The Rising so in my opinion the night wasn’t perfect, but it was really good.

We had to make a last minute switch from the VIP club to the Redbirds Locker Room. The vibe ended up being very cool down there.

I talked about our “Umbrella Philisophy” of multi-site and we did some Q&A. We ended the night with some really cool prayer time.

We made two big announcements:

1. We are going to meet Sundays at Downtown Elementary school.

2. We are kicking off our Sunday gatherings on May 17th

More details, explanation of the umbrella philiosophy, and information about future prequels to come.

For now, check out this video of the prayer time. It is a little shakey, but I am so glad we have it.

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