12 Suggestions for a Great Memphis

There is a good discussion happening about the unreached potential of Memphis. If you think Memphis could be better, you are not alone.

Jeff Speck made 12 suggestions last week and they are well discussed on The Gates of Memphis blog.

Here are the 12. the first 6 he calls general suggestions, the last 6 he calls specific suggestions.

  1. Build Memphis for Humans, Not Just for Cars.
  2. Stop Demolishing Your Economic Advantage
  3. Plant Trees.
  4. Organize Neighborhoods Around Schools, Around Neighborhoods
  5. Fix Downtown First
  6. Practice Urban Triage
  7. Fix the 3rd Street Promenot
  8. Fill the Main/South Main Knuckle
  9. You Deserve an Urban Waterfront
  10. Build the Missing Monument
  11. Stop the Outer Loop
  12. Put Cars Back on Main Street for $50k.

What is interesting about #3 is the number of trees in Memphis. I think, unless my information is wrong, Memphis has more trees than any other major city in the US.  If you don’t believe, go up to the top of Clark Tower and see for yourself. (Ain’t that right Chris.)

There is also a vibrant discussion going on in his comments about whether cars should return to Main Street or not. If you notice, #1 and #12 seem to be at odds with each other on his list.

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One response to “12 Suggestions for a Great Memphis

  1. Chris

    I too saw this list. Yes, Memphis has a ton of trees, my view proves this point. Not sure on the stats, but wouldn’t be surprised if we’re close to the top of major cities with trees.

    I do think Memphis has more issues than just trees and streets though. Yes, its sad we’ve never really used our waterfront to attract people aside from one month a year (May). But I’m not sold adding bike lanes all around the city will make an huge impact.

    How about spending Obama’s stimulus to move our train track outside the city instead of having it run right down the middle – I never understood how it’s lasted this long.

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